Eric & Terri Jacobson, Montego Bay, Jamaica (2018)

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"CHASE-THE-DREAM" travel channel has been created by two hard working professionals (Eric & Terri) who worked for over 30 years to build successful careers in business through hard work & sacrifice in order to retire early & "Chase-The-Dream" to be able to travel the world by land & sea.

The goal of this travel channel is to tell their story from the beginning in order to help others do the same by learning from their experiences. The planning for this journey started in the winter of 2017 but was put on hold due to an incredible business opportunity that Eric could not pass up causing a 5 year delay in beginning their adventure together.

Once again, it's time to start their Journey & Chase-The Dream!

This time, they will be documenting as much as possible during their travels while engaging with like-minded followers.

 "Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life & lived or he who has stayed securely on shore & merely existed" - Quote by Hunter S. Thompson

 Email Address:  Info@Chase-The-Dream.com