Following are the questions we are asked the most about ourselves:

Q.   How long you been married?

        A.  We were married on March 25, 1994.  

Q.  How did you meet?

      A.  We met at a Christmas Party on December 14, 1991 in Addison, TX.

  Q.  Are you both retired?

       A.  Yes, we both retired in 2022.  

Q.  What did you do for a living prior to retiring?

        A.  Terri worked in the Orthodontic industry as a Sales Professional for over 35 years.  Eric worked in the Real Estate & Building Product Distribution Industries as a Human Resource Professional for over 32 years.     

Q.  Where did you both grow up?

        A.  Terri grew up in Mckinney, TX, while Eric grew up in Dallas, TX.

Q.  Do you have any children?

       A.  We have one son.  Our son Colton is currently in his second year of law school at Tulane.

Q.  How do you like living full-time in an RV?

        A.  We both love it & have not regretted our decision once.  Words can't explain how much we enjoy the freedom this lifestyle offers.

Q.  Where do you call home?

       A.  Our home is where we park our motor coach!  We really do not identify a single location as our "home".