Following are the questions we are asked the most about RVing:

Q.  What is the make, model & year of your RV?

      A.  2022 Foretravel Realm Presidential (Floor Model: LV2)

Q.  Why did you decide to purchase a Class A vs. a Class B, C, 5th Wheel or Trailer?

     A.  We felt that since we were going to live full-time on the road, we wanted a rig that was large enough for us to be comfortable with enough storage to carry our "stuff".  Prior to purchasing our Foretravel, we owned a Newmar Dutchstar (4369) so we were comfortable with the size of the Class A.   

Q.  Are you living full-time in your Class A & do you still own a house in Texas?

     A.  Yes.  We moved into our motor coach in August 2021.  We sold our large house in Frisco, TX back in 2017 & started the process of "downsizing", which took us about 5 years.  

After selling our house in Frisco, TX, we moved into a rent house in Plano, TX & then into a high rise apartment (approx. 1200 sq. ft.) in Down Town Dallas, which made transitioning full-time into our motor coach palatable.  As I tell people who ask, everything we own is either in our motor coach, Jeep or in a 10x10 storage unit in McKinney, TX.  We both feel that selling everything was one of the most freeing experience we had ever had.

Q.  Where is Foretravel Of Texas located & how many motor coaches do they build in a year?

     A.  Foretravel Of Texas is located in Nacogdoches, TX.  They produce approximately 42 coaches per year.  

Q. Would you purchase another Class A motor coach?

     A.  Yes.  Although a Class A diesel pusher is a large vehicle & has its limitations due to its size, we feel that the Class A is the right rig for us & how we like to travel.

Q.  Would you buy another Foretravel?

     A.  Yes.  We have been very pleased with our Foretravel.  Like any new motor coach that was build during the pandemic, we have had our share of problems breaking in our motor coach, but have been very pleased with the after sales support we have received from the Foretravel team thus far.

Q.  Would you recommend a first time RVer to buy a Class A, B, C, 5th Wheel or Trailer?

     A.  That's a tough question....  We think you have to first identify what your goals are & then decided on what RV configuration would be best for you & your family.