Following are questions we get the most about our 4x4 Sprinter van:

Q.  Why did you decide to buy a 4x4 Sprinter van to tow behind your Class A if you already owned a Jeep Rubicon?

       A.  One of the things we discovered early on by owning a 45'ft. Class A. motor coach was that we were limited on where we could park our coach.  Yes, we can fit in most National Parks.  However, they are not a lot of fun getting in / out.  Also, we have goals of camping off-grid in the Pacific Northwest, where no Class A motor coach could safely drive. 

Q.  What is the make / model / year of your van?

       A.  Our van is a 2022 2500 4x4 Sprinter (144")

Q.  Where did you buy your van?

       A.  After being on the road living full-time in a Class A motor coach for an extended period of time, we have found that we are limited on where we can travel  in a 45ft. diesel pusher.  We have a desire to go "off grid" & disperse camp while traveling in the PNW,  California, Utah, Colorado, etc. & other areas of the country.  To be able to die this, we knew we had to adjust the way we traveled.  Our new Sprinter van will allow for us to set up a base camp with the Class A motor coach & then venture out into National Parks, BLM Land, etc. for an extended period of time. 

Q.  What is the weight of your van fully built out?

       A.  We estimate the weight of the van to be around 9,500 lbs. fully built out.

Q.  Have you named your van?

       A.  Yes.  We call our Sprinter van VanGough!

Q.  What is the name of the device you installed on your Sprinter van that allows for you to be able to flat tow the van behind your Class A motor coach?

       A.   The device we installed to be able to flat tow the Sprinter van behind our Class A motor coach is called the Superior Driveline Drive Shaft Disconnect.  For more information on this device, click here:   www.superiordriveline.com.

Q.  Did you install a Braking System on the van? 

       A.  Yes.  We are big fans of the AirFore One Supplemental Braking System manufactured by Demo.  We have this braking system installed on both our Jeep Rubicon & our Sprinter van.

Q.  What type of base plate did you install on your Sprinter van?

       A.  We purchased the BlueOx Base Plate Kit  (Part# BLU33MR) from etrainer.com that was made specifically for the 2500 Mercedes Sprinter (Years 2020 - 2022).